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Virgin media is consolidating its domains

Corax swore to his protectors that he would liberate them from their cruel existence.

Eventually, that moment came and Corax led the slave uprising that would cast off the shackles of centuries of oppression.

Above the cavern was a mighty glacier, and the Primarch might never have been discovered at all were it not for the arrival of a team of Lycaean miners pursuing a mineral seam.

To some, the appearance of the miners within minutes of the young Primarch attaining consciousness speaks of greater powers at work.

The latter was carried as a reminder of the cruelty enacted upon the people of Lycaeus by the tyrannical guild of Kiavahr and with it countless enemies have been laid low.

Though few even amongst his sons know of it, Corax is blessed with the ability to pass unnoticed should he will it, this preternatural ability allowing him to slip from the perception of his enemies even when he was in plain view.

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Corax was separated from the Emperor while still an infant in the Emperor's gene-laboratory beneath the Himalazian (Himalaya) Mountains on Terra by the Ruinous Powers of Chaos.

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