Validating xml sax parser

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Validating xml sax parser

The application should not attempt to use it at any other time. The SAX parser will invoke this method only once, and it will be the last method invoked during the parse.The parser shall not invoke this method until it has either abandoned parsing (because of an unrecoverable error) or reached the end of input. The information from this event is not necessary for normal Namespace processing: the SAX XML reader will automatically replace prefixes for element and attribute names when the Receive notification of character data.SAX parsers may return all contiguous whitespace in a single chunk, or they may split it into several chunks; however, all of the characters in any single event must come from the same external entity, so that the Locator provides useful information. The Parser will invoke this method once for each processing instruction found: note that processing instructions may occur before or after the main document element.A SAX parser should never report an XML declaration (XML 1.0, section 2.8) or a text declaration (XML 1.0, section 4.3.1) using this method. The Parser will invoke this method once for each entity skipped.Non-validating processors may skip entities if they have not seen the declarations (because, for example, the entity was declared in an external DTD subset).All processors may skip external entities, depending on the values of the , the parser will call the methods in your object to report all warnings and errors.

Parsing is expected to continue when this method returns, and document information will continue to be passed to the application.

The SAX API defines four kinds of handlers: content handlers, DTD handlers, error handlers, and entity resolvers.

Applications normally only need to implement those interfaces whose events they are interested in; they can implement the interfaces in a single object or in multiple objects.

This Validator instance can then be used to validate an XML file represented with the DOM interface or the SAX interface.

We have tried the DOM interface in previous sections. Here is a tutorial example program called Xsd Schema Sax that validates an XML file against an XSD file using the SAX interface: /* * Xsd Schema Sax - Copyright (c) 2013, Herong, All Rights Reserved.

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