Sociapathic dating

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Sociapathic dating

Spanking, hitting and punishing children are widely accepted methods for teaching children to behave.If we treated another adult the way we commonly treat our children, we would be subject to criminal and/or civil action.Neither is it the consequence of parents who are in themselves sociopaths or emotionally disturbed individuals.The cause, instead, is the conventional, but abnormal, ways in which we rear our children.In a nation of individuals whose major priority is "me," we perceive caring for another, including our own children, as self-sacrifice and loss of self.

Our children are chiefly influenced in their development by who we are in relation to them, not by who we think we are or pretend to be.

The ways in which we respond to infants, even when we do value them, suggests that we do not know how to convey to them that they are valuable. Our ways of caring for infants and children are actually sociopathic in that they are aggressively antisocial and asocial.

It is common practice to force infants to spend long periods of time alone in their cribs, to sleep alone, and to ignore their crying, so that they will leave us alone and learn to accept being alone.

Our society must be helped to see the gravity of the crime against infants that is today considered normal treatment." - Jean Liedloff, The Continuum Concept We live in a society that is rapidly becoming a nation of sociopaths.

The root cause of this is not the loss of family values.

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Imposing one's will on another person is considered a crime in our society. The only conclusion is that children are not seen as persons.

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