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This is where it gets interesting, because while most people would say the use of a smart vibrator (which is essentially a “dumb” robot) would not constitute cheating, the You Gov/Huffington Post survey revealed 42% of respondents said sex with a robot be cheating (while 31% said it wouldn’t, and 26% were not sure).

To put that another way: Sex with a vibrator = not cheating.

However, using brilliant AI software–especially one that uses game theory–to lure potential predators is wrong. Negobot’s 14-year-old personality becomes more suggestive, more like the fantasy that every pedophile has in their head–hence the Lolita reference in my headline. John Carr, a UK government adviser on child protection, welcomed any move to relieve the burden on real-world policing.These devices will understand and measure your arousal levels, body fluids, your breathing patterns, your body movements.They will also learn and adapt and react to your feedback.A group of researchers in Spain have successfully coded software that mimics the language and attitude of a 14-year-old girl.The software, officially called Negobot–but now colloquially referred to as a “Virtual Lolita”–appears to be the first AI that accurately mimics an adolescent.

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As we already have test tube babies, it looks likely we will create artificial reproductive organs in the future.