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I’m not particularly afraid of heights, but when I stand at Horseshoe’s sheer 1000′ cliff edge, well.can create a few butterflies in my nether-regions.

I’ve actually watched visibly shaken tourists walk toward the edge only to repeatedly turn around.

Jeff I’ve photographed there many a time (even written a guide with tips on how to best photograph there…see this link).

But no matter how many times I visit, my heart always starts beating harder…not just because it is impressive, but because, to be honest, it scares me a bit.

I may have been doing this for years, but I still feel like a proud papa when an image of mine is published.

I guess there is no denying that my ego is alive and well!

Possibly the reason was simply that the flowers hadn’t been trampled…there isn’t a maintained, easy walking path like Picture Lake so it doesn’t get many visitors.

Plus Highland has only a narrow road shoulder and a short sloping shore to shoot from so it’s not as ‘user friendly’ as Picture Lake…and there is only a small section of shoreline that features good reflections of the mountain. Because when I visited its shoreline was lush with wildflowers…unlike Picture Lake.

I was fascinated with the tarns (I think I just like saying the name…tarn, Tarn, TARN…so cool).

The area around the tarns is often muddy from melting snow and not particularly attractive so you might have to work a bit to find good compositions.

Apparently, this area can be ‘loved to death’ by visitors who stray off the walking path and trample the flowers. I never heard anything about this spot despite all my planning.

I found it by accident only a few hundred yards away from Picture Lake while scouting for wildflowers.

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