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Free sex chatting kerala sits

I said I wasn’t certain, and I really wasn’t, but that if he was interested in seeing what unfolded, he should be in position at one of the lower level windows at delivery time the following morning.I should mention at this point, that this is not at all the kind of thing I usually do.Seems that I’d forgotten that this was the Monday we were scheduled for our monthly water treatment delivery.This was a new delivery guy and I tried not to appear too flustered as I directed him to the room in which he was to place the water treatment equipment. Doing my best to remove these fantasy thoughts from my head, I wondered what Dave would have thought? I closed the project I was working on, turned the computer off and went upstairs as Dave was coming through the front door.

All of which were with Dave’s approval and encouragement. Me having sex with other men was and is his fantasy.Curious as to whether it was the same guy, I proceeded to open the lower level sliding doors to allow him access to the room housing the treatment equipment. This time I paid a little closer attention to his appearance.He was tall, lanky, maybe 6′2″, clean and well groomed with a real boyish look.” I laughed and said “No, but tomorrow is delivery time and who knows?” Sensing I was serious, he asked me what my plans were.

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