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Dirty facetime chats

Now, the dirty secret is, this isn’t really going to change much in many programs, except for i Chat.Since it’s unlikely you’ll keep your headset plugged in all the time, when you unplug it, OS X will go back to the default setting of the built-in gear.

· AOL Instant Messenger (AIM): Available free at , existing AIM account users and new users are warmly welcome to use their account name with Messages. Having a Google Gmail account also means that you can use it to set up Messages to send and receive text messages and connect with other Gmail account buddies with Messages audio and video chat, and screen-sharing feature. · Jabber: With this original IM service (based on or one of the other public XMPP services, and then use your Jabber account (which ends [email protected]) to log in and start chatting. Install the profile on your Mac and then use Messages to chat with colleagues. You can use only some of Messages’ livelier features — such as audio and video chatting and screen sharing — when you connect to friends using the same kind of account as you.

You got it: i Cloud account users can send text messages and video chat with one another and with AIM users, but they can’t conduct video chats with Google Talk, Jabber, or Yahoo! On the other hand, Google Talk accounts act as Jabber accounts, and Jabber accounts act as Google Talk accounts.

That is, Google Talk and Jabber account holders running Messages get to take advantage of Messages audio and video chat and screen-sharing features, in addition to text chat.

Messenger, you might want to create a Google Gmail account and add your Google Talk account to Messages so you can audio chat and video chat with your friends who sign in with a Google Talk account name.

After you create a chat account, you can set up a Messages account by following these steps: 1. Select the type of account you want to add and then click Continue: · For Internet messaging, select the Google, Yahoo! A dialog opens with fields for your e-mail address and password. · Select the Use Other Messages Account radio button to add existing instant messaging accounts from AIM, Google Talk, Jabber, or Yahoo! Click the Account Type pop-up menu and choose your account type. If you want to use i Message in the future to communicate with other Macs and i OS devices that use i Message, go to Messages⇒Preferences⇒Accounts, click the i Message icon in the Accounts list, and type in your Apple ID and password.

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Messages uses your Apple ID or the account name from another IM, such as Google Talk, AOL AIM, Jabber, or Yahoo! Although each service offers its own app, Messages keeps all your accounts and contact information in one place so you don’t have to have a separate app for each service and account. To better understand which chat accounts can communicate with which other chat accounts, check out the nearby sidebar, “Can’t we all just get along?

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