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Dan levy dating jessi cruickshank

I needed 5 looks that were chic and classic yet contemporary.

If you ask me, bridesmaids aren’t infant sextuplets - they’re full-grown women and it’s time they were dressed that way.

Known for creating sophisticated yet effortless garments, Pink Tartan designer Kimberley Newport-Mimran is not only one of the most stylish women in Canada, she also happens to be one of the nicest.

I walked into her Toronto studio with zero concept of what I wanted for my girls. She wanted names, occupations, photos and bios so that each dress could be designed to reflect the girl wearing it.

I just knew I didn’t want them to look like Katherine Heigl in . She started racing around the studio, pulling out looks from her collections, showing me sketches and look books and fabrics and embellishments. When I stepped into the Pink Tartan studios last week in Toronto to see the final looks, I instantly started to tear up.

In less than 30 minutes we decided to create 5 separate Pink Tartan looks in ivory, white and metallic tones, ranging from classic to current to midriff bearing. What Kim had designed was beyond my wildest dreams.

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“My folks chose to raise us here, because this is real life and a real place, unlike Hollywood. One can only suspect his unique lens into California culture via Toronto helped him translate the then-emerging reality culture to Canadian fans.