Beth twitty dating

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Beth twitty dating

De Jong of what he saw on the night of 30th of May 2005, cannot be correct, and that his testimony, considering the aforementioned, does not add to the solving of this case."They also noted that further investigation "in any manner whatsoever" in this location will not lead to finding her body.

Nearly a decade after then 18-year-old Natalee Holloway disappeared on a school trip to Aruba, an island resident has come forward as a witness."I saw Natalee Holloway on the last night she was alive," Jurrien de Jong told.

He is currently imprisoned in Peru for a 2010 murder and de Jong speaks to him being the prime suspect in his recent testimony."I saw that Joran was chasing Natalee into a small building under construction," he recalled.

The trip was a Mountain Brook High School tradition.

Her stepbrother, George, had gone two years before, and if I could swing it financially, I wanted Natalee to have the experience.

Some locals had tried to get a couple of girls in his class to leave with them. He likes to prey on young female tourists," she volunteers. After the agent looks at them, I return Natalee's things to her hotel room. This time, the hotel manager finds someone to show us the tapes. Excited, Jug and I run down the stairs from the casino toward the lobby and almost collide with the handlers, who've volunteered to hit the streets to see what they can learn. They have Joran's last name — Van der Sloot — and his address.

This young man stepped in to help defuse a potentially dangerous situation. " She slung her purple duffel bag over her shoulder and made her way to the front door. We get Jug's nephew back on the phone while we view the footage. It takes almost half an hour to get uniformed officers to accompany us to the Van der Sloot home. On the phone, the DEA advises me to remain in the rental van.

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We'd head out for a day of shopping together at our favorite stores near our suburb outside Birmingham, AL.

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