Balkan sex date

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Balkan sex date

Roman had been boasting of great success in Liberty City, but in truth, his assets amounted to a small, gritty taxi depot and a derelict apartment, and he was saddled with heavy debts due to his gambling habit.Niko would assist Roman in his taxi business, and protect his cousin from the loan sharks who were harassing him.

Niko and Roman flee Hove Beach when their apartment and Roman's taxi depot were burned down.In a conversation with Kate Mc Reary, Niko says that he found out his aunt (Roman's mother) was raped and murdered, some time after Roman's departure to the United States.Knowing Roman would be even more devastated if he knew the true circumstances of his mother's death, Niko covered up what happened, telling him that she died in a house fire.His mother, Milica Bellic, was unhappy that her son grew up in such a harsh place.In a conversation with Patrick Mc Reary, Niko reveals that he had a brother who died during the Bosnian War.

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Niko had trouble finding steady work after the war.